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How Evergreen Content Helps Your Business

Content is king. That phrase has been used repeatedly throughout the online marketing world. But what exactly is content? When someone posts a photo of their dog, is that content? If you write a new blog post, is that content? Or if a business posts a video shot at a...

5 Steps to a Winning Digital Marketing Funnel

Build a website, and they will come. While that may have been a thought in business owners' minds years ago, that formula is a sure-fire way to failure today. A simple website won’t get the proper amount of traffic to keep you in business. One study suggests that 92...

What’s Your Strategy With Social Proof?

What is social proof? In short, it means relying on other people's opinions to create your own behavior.  We do this for one of two reasons: We assume other people are well informed and use the correct behavior for the current situation.  We don’t want to go against...