Detailed Reporting


When you select a digital company you deserve to know what you are paying for. It is imperative that you can correlate a ROI on the dollars spent and quantify the results. At Digital Mark Group, we are proud of our work and the results we achieve for you. We keep you informed every step of the way. Everything that we do for you is tracked and we provide detailed monthly marketing reporting to clearly discuss the progress of our work.

We can create customizable reports based on your internet marketing campaign data. These reports can be also automated (emailed directly to you) and scheduled to run as often as you choose. We take the success of your business very seriously.

That is why we are very transparent with clients. There is no mystery to what we are accomplishing for your business. By choosing to partner with DMG you will be aware of every step we take and how these steps are positively impacting your business goals.

We can provide comprehensive reports that include the following:


  • Performance Network Table
  • Performance Devices Table
  • Performance Clicks Types Table
  • Performance Ad Slots Table
Top Performers

  • Top Keywords Table
  • Top Ad Groups Table
  • Top Ads Table

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