Targeted Marketing Portland


Known in the general sense as Programmatic Marketing, Targeted Marketing gives advertisers the ability to do something the industry has never before seen.

Search Engine Optimization Portland


Increase and improve the online presence of a business and increasing its number of customers via all non-paid forms of search, such as organic, local and mobile.

Social Media Marketing Portland


Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can connect you with your target audience through advertising, content and customer conversation. DMG brings your brand personality to life through strategic social media platform management and optimization.

Digital Marketing Reporting Portland


Looking to increase online presence and reach new customers? DMG will claim your business listing on popular sites such as Google, Yelp, Bing Places, Internet Yellow Pages and Yahoo! Local. Claiming your business online ensures you get the correct information directly to customers.

Search Engine Marketing Portland


SEM in its most general definition, is the
marketing practices/techniques used to attract a prospect to a specific website.

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