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Adam Studer - CEO - Digital Mark Group


Adam Studer is the CEO of DMG. Studer became a managing partner shortly after the company was founded in 2014, recognizing its potential to supply clients with a better digital product. Prior to that, he worked as the COO of an internet retail company for over ten years. Adam has always possessed a passion for growing businesses, believing that “when you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”



Stephen Hodges is the Co-Founder of DMG. Stephen has 11 years of digital experience ranging from digital sales to management of a digital sales team. After managing the digital advertising at Fox 12 Oregon for 3 years, Stephen saw the potential for growth and together, he and Dano Ehler took a calculated risk and founded DMG in 2014. After three years of growth, Stephen has firmly established DMG as an authority in online media sales and data-driven strategic planning. Stephen pursues business by Reid Hoffman’s mantra, “An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.”


Stephen Hodges - Co-Founder - Digital Mark Group
Dano Ehler - Co-Founder - Digital Mark Group


Dano Ehler is the Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Sales at DMG. He founded the company with colleague and longtime friend, Stephen Hodges. Ehler sold digital and traditional media for 20 years, most recently at Fox 12 Oregon. After witnessing first-hand how digital altered the way advertisers reach their consumers, Ehler seized the opportunity to create a company focused entirely on digital. As SVP of Sales, Dano enjoys the opportunity to inform, educate and implement all that digital marketing has to offer.


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