DMG provides seamless access to billions of ads every month across RTB exchanges. With over 95% reach in key geos, we make it easy for you to place your online targeting campaign using Contextual, Behavioral, Demographic, and Geographic criteria.

Advanced Bidding

Sophisticated real-time bidding algorithms secure the best inventory in real time at the best price.

Email & Website Retargeting

Combine email campaign data with on-site consumer behavior for effective off-site consumer.

Frequency Capping

You have the option to place a cap on the number of ads an individual may see during a certain time period.

Campaign Optimization

Automated Campaign Optimization improves results, saves time and increases ROI.

E-commerce Retargeting

Easily create custom audience retargeting rules to boost e-commerce sales.

Advanced Bidding

Target campaigns by device, model, browser or mobile carrier.

Day Parting Algorithms

Sophisticated day parting and activity algorithms automatically boost
performance while reducing media costs.

Client Reporting Dashboard

Real-time client marketing reporting dashboard on tablet, mobile and desktop campaign performance.

Custom Sites

Customized white listing options from thousands of sites.

Desktop & Mobile

Desktop and mobile inventory from the best exchanges for maximum global reach.

Facebook Ads

Fully integrated into the Facebook Exchange for static
and dynamic ad retargeting.

URL Keyword Targeting

We can see what users are searching for by pulling out keywords from a referring URL. We then create a customized audience segment to target.


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